Recently two friends and I were playing Bible Trivia and we looked up a passage in the Bible to see if one of the answers was correct, and the Bible opened to a verse about unicorns. So we started a study and we started studying dragons, sea monsters, leviathan, serpents, and behemoth. After looking up all these passages, we decided that the word dragon in the Bible and in story’s around the world, means a dinosaur, since the word dinosaur wasn’t made up until 1841. Here are all the passages.



Job. 30:29

Psalms 44:19

Psalms 91:13

Psalms 148:7

Isaiah 13:22

Isaiah 34:13

Isaiah 43:20

Jeremiah 9:11

Jeremiah 10:22

Jeremiah 14:6

Jeremiah 49:33

Jeremiah 51:34

Jeremiah 51:37

Ezekiel 29:3

Micah 1:8

Malachi 1:3




Job. 41

Psalms 104:26

Isaiah 27:1




Job. 40:15-24



Psalms 58:4

Psalms 91:13

Isaiah 14:29

Isaiah 30:6


Sea Monsters

Lamentations 4:3


Some conclusions soon!