It takes intelligence and a brain to build a house or some other type of building. You have to have a plumber to build the plumbing. You have to have a trained electrician to wire the house. The frame of the house requires carpenters. Then there is the heating system, drywall, roofing, windows, carpeting, landscaping, painting, and the finishing touches.

The nervous system is far more complex than any electrical system. The digestive system is more complex than any plumbing system. Body fat is more efficient than insulation. Skin is more durable than paint, drywall, or carpeting. Also, our blood vessels, heart, and lungs are more complex than a heating and ventilating system.

We all know that it took intelligence to build the house we live in, and we say that we are here because of natural selection? I’m not saying that evolution didn’t happen, it could have, it’s just not what I believe; I’ll leave you to decide for yourself.