It takes intelligence and a brain to build a house or some other type of building. You have to have a plumber to build the plumbing. You have to have a trained electrician to wire the house. The frame of the house requires carpenters. Then there is the heating system, drywall, roofing, windows, carpeting, landscaping, painting, and the finishing touches.

The nervous system is far more complex than any electrical system. The digestive system is more complex than any plumbing system. Body fat is more efficient than insulation. Skin is more durable than paint, drywall, or carpeting. Also, our blood vessels, heart, and lungs are more complex than a heating and ventilating system.

We all know that it took intelligence to build the house we live in, and we say that we are here because of natural selection? I’m not saying that evolution didn’t happen, it could have, it’s just not what I believe; I’ll leave you to decide for yourself.


Lets say the “Big Bang” really happened and all the matter in the universe got squished into one tiny dot smaller than a period, then that one tiny dot began spinning, and then BOOM the big bang occurred.

Lets say that the one tiny dot was spinning counterclockwise, so when the big bang occurred everything that went spinning off into space should be spinning counterclockwise, right? Well if the big bang happened, why is Uranus, Venus (below), and even whole galaxies spinning backwards?

“Most of the planets spin in the same direction as they orbit around the Sun. (The direction is counterclockwise as seen from above their north poles.)… Venus, however, is a clear exception to this regularity. Its axis is tilted by less than five degrees, and yet it is spinning ‘backwards’: clockwise as seen from above its north pole.”

What made the matter expand and form everything we have today?

Why did the matter start spinning in the first place?

Why did it form a sun?

How did earth get in just the right position so that the temperature wouldn’t be freezing, and that it wouldn’t be boiling hot either?

If life can’t come from nonliving material, how did it come from dirt (or whatever the “matter” was)?

How was water formed?

Where did the matter come from?

How were all the elements formed?